Open Data

The National Monuments Service (NMS) and Department of Housing, Local Government and Heritage aims to publish its heritage data collections into the future, where possible, as Open Data and in line with FAIR principles. Summary discovery metadata for NMS Open Data are published on the following public sector online data catalogues:


Open Data Currently Available

Note on Archaeological Survey of Ireland (which pertains to the SMRs): this data is offered as a live GIS web service that is updated daily and also as a bulk download which is updated monthly, it is strongly recommended that you use the most up to date version of the data as it is subject to change.


Open Data Terms of Use

These datasets are being provided for public re-use under the Government’s Open Data initiative. Unless otherwise noted this data is licensed for re-use under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Licence attributed to National Monuments Service, Government of Ireland.


NMS Open Data User Guide

NMS have published an Open Data User Guide to help users get started with exploring its open data resources.  


Historic Environment Viewer

The Archaeological Survey of Ireland open data can also be viewed online and selectively downloaded using the Historic Environment Viewer application. 

There is also an Historic Environment Viewer – Help document available.


Wreck Viewer

The Wreck Viewer has been developed to facilitate online viewing and querying of the NMS Wreck Inventory of Ireland Database (WIID).

There is also a Wreck Viewer - Help document available


Further information/feedback about our data resources

If you need any further information, or wish to provide feedback on NMS datasets or map viewers please send an e-mail to the following address with the subject line of “Data Resources”:

The NMS are actively planning the release of further heritage datasets and collections, so please do review this web page and regularly.